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Lana Kanchik

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Personal Travel Manager at TravelManagers Australia
Alexandria, New South Wales, 2015

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About Lana Kanchik

Who am I? 

It may be said that travel is the great love of my life.

When I start talking about travelling my eyes simply light up -- and it is this which fuels my work.  And 30 years ago I was able to turn my passion into my reality and since then I have managed, coached, and mentored people within the travel industry. 

It won’t just be you who is excited about your trip, but also me! It is my job to make sure that you have the experience of a lifetime, taking care of each trip as if it were for me.

What makes me different? 

So, what is the key difference between myself and a typical travel agent? I am sure by now you have been wondering. When I first start working with a client, I take the time to sit down with them to talk about their future travel plans and dreams that they have for a trip. I think that each travel experience should be as unique as the individual embarking upon that adventure. Most of us are only able to travel about 2-4 weeks per year, if we are lucky, which is why I want to ensure that you book your holiday with a real person you can trust and go on the trip of your dreams.

Personalised Service 

Additionally, I also stay with my clients all the way. To travel means to encounter the unexpected -- whether this is a late transfer, change in weather, or cancellation. But, travel is transformational, and whether you travel for adventure, to relax, or escape, do not cancel your trip because of possible problems. Instead, make sure that you have someone who will be with you 24/7 to deal with any unforeseen things that arise.

My clients know that they can rely on me. Booking a holiday for a customer is not simply a matter of providing good service and tailoring an itinerary unique to that individual, but about establishing trust. And it is this which forms the core of my rapport with my clients. 

You want to travel with someone who is making sure you are not alone, somewhere unknown on the other side of the world. 

Another point of difference is that I am able to come and visit my client at any location that is convenient for them. Wherever is best for you to talk through their hopes and desires for future travel adventures! It is my mission to make every holiday memorable, whilst providing you with a level of personalised service you would never have received from a larger company.

Travel Managers Network 

Apart from working with clients on such a personal level, I also work with individuals from across the world to gain their personal knowledge and perspective into a place. I am part of the travel managers network — this is almost like insider access to the secret sides of well-known holiday locations. Since first being established in 2007, there are now almost 600 personal travel managers across Australia. We have formed wonderful long-term relationships with many of the world’s best tour operators, which provides us exclusive rates for many products and services across the world. 

Self Managed Travel Fund 

In response to the current restrictions on travel, we have also begun to offer the possibility for individuals to set up self-sufficient travel funds. This allows the client to open a personal file and can allocate funds to the account, dedicating it to future travel. This is self-managed and can be transferred back to their personal accounts at their request. Alternatively, this can be utilised to fund their future travel plans! 

Get in touch to find out how you can get yours started today.

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  • Hours of Operation
  • By appointments.
    Providing 24/7 emergency support whilst clients are traveling.
  • Accepted Forms of Payments
  • BPay
    Credit Cards
    Direct Deposit
  • Credentials
  • CRUISECO Specialist
    CLIA Ambassador
    Wellness Travel Specialist™ - Recommended Agent of In This Life Wellness Travel™
    Aussie Specialist
    New Caledonia Tourism Specialist
  • Verified Certifications
  • Honours & Awards
  • The Travel Awards - 2019
    Best Home Based Agency Group of the Year - Winner
  • Travel Types I Specialise in:
  • Cruise Holidays, Family Holidays, Independent Travel, Luxury Travel, River Cruising, Round The World Trips, Ski Holidays, Small Group Travel, Sports Tours, Wellness Holidays
  • Lana Kanchik Reviews

    Submitted by Alex V on Thursday, Oct 21, 2021

    Excellent service

    Overall Rating

    Lana assisted me with my first ever trip to Dubai a while ago. She's very professional, helpful and very knowledgeable. All the tours she suggested and booked for me were highly enjoyable. I'm really happy with Lana's service and can't wait to book with her again, once I'm in a position to travel

    Submitted by Sandra on Thursday, Nov 18, 2021

    Timely service and very friendly

    Overall Rating

    Lana is constantly available to talk anything travel and she is always there for all your travel needs!! She was able to help me with all my questions and put up with my annoying changes to plans at the last minute. She gave me very professional and efficient advice and was able to make my travel experience quite easy and comfortable!! 

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    Rated 5/5 (2 Reviews)

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