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Posted 29/04/2022 in Bucket List by Lee-Anne Talbot

Bucket List Travel: Don't miss out on the trip of a lifetime

Bucket List Travel: Don't miss out on the trip of a lifetime

Bucket List Travel: Don't miss out on the trip of a lifetime

A dream destination comes to mind easily for some people: they know exactly where they would go in a heartbeat if there were no obstacles.

It's a little vaguer for others. You may have a general concept of what you want, but you may not know where you'd get your passport stamped if the opportunity arose tomorrow.

We've all heard that the greatest way to make something happen is to start giving it shape — something to look at, imagine, discuss, and (most crucially!) plan for. With that in mind, here are some questions to ask yourself to begin planning the details of that trip you've always wanted to take. 

1. When you're having a rough day, where do you go to find your "happy place"? For some, this may be a specific location, such as Bora Bora, the Alps, or Johannesburg. But, more importantly, how do you feel when you're stressed out or trapped in traffic? Do you picture gorgeous beaches with their lazy perfection? The adrenaline rush of rugged mountains? The flurry and sensory overload of crowded markets? What do spicy meals smell like? Make a brief list of the following: On the most fun, free, relaxing, no-obligations open day you can imagine, these are ten things that come to mind.

 2. Consider what you'd like to have more of; free time, adventure, romance, time to acquire a new skill, sunshine, and a sense of purpose. What are your desires? What do you do when you imagine yourself as your best self? Who's with you, by the way? Make a list of ten things you want in your life right now.

3. What season do you prefer? Do you enjoy soaking up the sun? Or the crunch of autumn leaves beneath your feet? Or how about the deep blue silence of a mountain snowfall? When do you feel the most at ease in your own skin and in love with your surroundings? It's not necessary for your ideal trip to be the most popular! Remember, this is your ideal holiday!

4. What is one extravagant item you secretly desire? For some, it's as simple as a stack of books and three weeks without answering emails. Others choose 24-hour room service, all-day spa treatments, king-size feather beds, and massive Jacuzzi baths. Go ahead and do it, no matter how big or tiny it is. Make a list of five luxuries that would make you feel like you'd just won the lotto if you were given them right now.

5. Which photos do you notice the most when you're flipping through magazines? What colours catch your attention? Are you looking for something spicy and exotic? Are you laid-back and cool? Misty and enigmatic? Pick up four or five vacation magazines and keep track of those photographs you find yourself returning to, the ones that make your heart skip a beat. You could be pleasantly surprised. Some people believe that their "ideal" holiday is at an all-inclusive resort. But if you keep coming back to the photos of a Tuscany bike tour, that's something worth paying attention to. That encounter may satisfy a need in you that an all-you-can-eat buffet may not be able to satisfy. Cut out the photographs that most resonate with you and look for similar themes.

After you’ve had time to collect your thoughts, look for overlaps, reoccurring themes, and those gentle nudges you can't seem to shake — and if you're working on this with your spouse, friends, or family members, look for them as well. Pay attention to your instincts. And then start dreaming big.

You can set a goal, start saving if necessary, and start putting your strategy into action. Put your images and any accompanying words or phrases on a corkboard, glue them to a large piece of cardboard, or create a digital collage that can be your screensaver on your work computer — anywhere you'll see it multiple times a day — and let them inspire you as you get closer to making your bucket list trip a reality.

What's the best part? I can assist you in planning this trip down to the last personalised detail. 

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Reward yourself with the gift of travel.

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