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Posted 27/08/2021 in Africa by Claudia Hackney

Covid Ain't Stopping My Travel Heart!

Covid Ain't Stopping My Travel Heart!

At the start of 2020, I had the trip of a lifetime booked, going to Belgium to compete in the World Choir Games. I was to leave the same day as my previous trip on the 4th of July. Then March came and it was cancelled! 


As my travel bug had been rolling high over the last year I was devastated! No trip to look forward to and no trip to book for the future. My travel heart was broken, and I found myself more or less ... lost in Narellan Vale, Australia. 

When I was younger, I used to travel via Google Maps, by the time I was 20 I had been to Paris multiple times and had even visited parts of the UK while never actually physically being there! 

During this Covid time, I have managed to keep the candle alit with different travel-related things! From doing many puzzles of world wonders to watching Outlander and being transported to Scotland I found a way to get excited about the future. Whenever it may be ... Here are some of the things I have been doing to help my travel-less life at the moment! 

TV Shows

There are many great TV shows but few that really show off the world around them well! Some TV Shows that have captured my travel heart are: 

  • Outlander – Now that it has ventured into America, I have been able to see parts of Scotland, England. Africa, France and America!! 
  • A Discovery of Witches – This show is a great representation of Oxford, France and Venice with an amazing soundtrack to go with the incredible shots.
  • World's Most Scenic Railway Journeys – My dad introduced me to this show. Now I'm not a train show person but this show is amazing. It taught me so much not only about the scenic tour but the people who help make it an amazing journey for visitors. I will definitely be looking into a Train Trip in the future, it's just a matter of choosing which one!
  • London: 2000 Years of History– When I was getting ready for my trip last year my dad found this great show all about London from the Roman Empire to Brexit! I learned so much I wouldn't have known before going! Revisiting it after my trip has been great because I have been seeing places that I went to!
  • The Originals – Oh how I miss New Orleans! This show gives you a great taste of New Orleans that will leave you wanting to visit the incredible city!
  • Stargate SG1 – now they may not be going to real places, the show is all about exploring and as travellers that's what we do! Each episode has a little bit of a different culture from Earth whether it be the Egyptians or the Greek Mythology, it’s a great taste of different civilizations throughout time! 


I am a movie buff, from Star Wars to Pitch Perfect, I love a good movie and when there is travel involved it's even better! Some great movies that give me the travel itch are: 

  • The Terminal – Now this movie is always my go-to before a trip! It may be weird that I love a movie with the premise of a man getting stuck in an airport but the best part of going on a trip is the excitement at the airport before you leave, knowing it's actually happening!
  • Murder on the Orient Express – The Orient Express has been a bucket list trip for a while now and this movie just makes me want to go on it even more ... just no murders please!!
  • Indiana Jones Franchise – All the wonderful historic places he goes to make me want to have an adventure just like Indi!!  
  • Catch Me If You Can – Catch a glimpse of JFK Airports TWA Terminal before it became a hotel! 
  • Up in the Air – now watch someone obsessed with travel, never having a home base! Loved this movie!
  • The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – World-class actors and actresses in a world-class movie! I remember this movie being the first time I fell in love with the idea of visiting India! 


Now, when you're bored you can get to the dark side of YouTube with weird and wacky videos, but I just get to more and more travel vloggers. Many of the following have inspired me to travel and have new experiences through their amazing videos! 

  • Flying the Nest – My absolute favourite travel vloggers ever! Their videos are amazing, especially Egypt. Those videos are the reason I went to Egypt last year!! 
  • SandieMakeSense – I originally found her on Instagram and then I saw her on YouTube. She is so natural, and I love it! The photography is amazing in her videos
  • Joolz Guides – I watched his videos before going on my trip and have recently re-watched some of the videos. I have learnt so many interesting things from this guy!

Virtual Tours

There have been some great videos that have shown up that I have loved while stuck at home! 

  • Ramses VI – This came up on my Facebook and I loved it!! Brought back the memories! 
  • Tower of London - Their Facebook page has been putting up videos of one of their Yeoman Warder’s touring around the amazing historical place. I love when he goes on the box as if there is a crowd around him haha! 
  • UK Historic Royal Palaces – From spring cleaning Kensington Palace to taking a walk through the garden at Hampton Court Palace! I love this Facebook page.


I’ve always been a book lover! Last weekend I got 11 books in one go and 10 of them were travel books. I love learning about how to get around places and what others think of the cities of the world! Lonely Planet's Wonders of the World is a great book, I've learnt so many things already!! I got DK Travel Guides for Budapest, Prague, Spain, Great Britain, London, France and St Petersburg! As well as a book on the most beautiful Villages of Scotland by Thames & Hudson. 


Whenever I'm getting ready for a trip, I love to make a playlist with songs that relate to what I’m doing over there! There are plenty of playlists around where you can find your style and groove along!! 

Making YouTube Videos 

Lastly, my favourite thing that I have been doing over the past year is reliving my trips by making my own YouTube videos!! I've created quite a few now and I'm having a blast!! If you would like to see any of my videos, check out my YouTube channel, or one of my videos featured below. 


Hopefully, we can get back to travelling soon, but for now, I'm learning as much as I can in preparation!

If I can help you with travel inspiration, or start to plan your next journey, please send me a message and I'll be in touch!  


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