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Posted 28/06/2022 in Europe by Fiona Boileau

My Vespa Adventure

My Vespa Adventure

I love the city of Florence. There is so much to see and do. The Cathedral and the fabulous Duomo, wandering along the Ponte Vecchio. The Accademia where the magnificent statue of David resides. The Basilica of Santa Croce, the markets, and the list continues.

I have visited Florence many times so we decided to try something different and so we joined a Vespa tour out into the countryside. We left the meeting point at 9:30 by minivan, about 10 of us. We drove for about 25 minutes leaving the Chaos of city life behind us. We reached a farmhouse surrounded by vineyards, a beautiful site in itself. After filling in the paperwork and the required waiver form, we set about learning about our fabulous machines. Perhaps what I saw as my only problem was that my legs were too short to reach the ground when I came to a stop. Unfortunately, Ken saw many other problems for me, but I didn’t care!

Exploring Tuscany on a VespaExploring Tuscany on a Vespa

After about half an hour, we hit the laneways of Tuscany. We weaved through vineyards and silver Olive Groves. We also passed through quaint Villages and were in awe of the castles and villas that we saw.

It was so much fun out in the fresh air, and the freedom I felt was exhilarating. I pretended not to notice Ken's concerned looks as I took a corner too tightly, waivered onto the wrong side of the road or pointed excitedly to something in the distance.

Italy Travel Agent Australia, exploring the rolling hills of TuscanyExploring the rolling hills of Tuscany

We stopped at several wineries (Ken’s concern grew!), where we savoured different wines and explored the cellars. Wandering through these stone caverns was fascinating. The oak barrels were stored here and appeared to go for miles.

Wine Barrels of Tuscany, Italian Travel Expert AustraliaWine Barrels of Tuscany

There were plenty of opportunities to stop and take photos.  The landscape, with its small picturesque towns and rolling hills was charming. Around every corner is a vineyard or olive grove, perhaps a villa or church. So much to take in! These vineyards which line the hills are alive with activity and just waiting for us to visit, and how could I disappoint?

Our exploration was for about 2 hours before heading back to our farmhouse, where a fabulous lunch was waiting for us.  A mixture of Italian cuisine, fresh salads and matching wines is refreshing. The smell of fresh bread wafted through the restaurant. It is truly a perfect way to finish an invigorating adventure.

Expert on Travel to Italy, Enjoying a feast in Tuscany

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