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Posted 18/11/2021 in Travel Style by Lana Kanchik

Wellness Holidays & Why They're More Popular Than Ever

Wellness Holidays & Why They're More Popular Than Ever

What is a Wellness holiday?

There are a hundred different reasons to travel. Whether a romantic getaway, solo adventure, or business trip, there is one type of travel that people never used to prioritise. To travel for Wellness. 

To travel for Wellness is to take time away at a space that offers an individual the opportunity to support and improve their wellbeing. 

Through a variety of treatments and activities individually designed for each unique client, those embarking on travel for Wellness will have a chance to rest, reconnect with nature, earth, body, and mind.

It is a time away from the rushed pace of everyday life.

Especially now, after the lockdowns and crazy times we have experienced, it's no wonder this is changing and we are seeing global trends towards people looking to de-stress and care for their wellbeing. 

It is important to note that to travel for Wellness is different from travel for medical purposes, where individuals travel in order to receive treatment for a diagnosed disease, condition or when seeking an enhancement. 

Wellness, on the other hand, is the concept of reimaging your current life and potential, setting out to become a more whole and fulfilled version of yourself. 

Achieve balance with a wellness holiday in Australia. Travel Agent Expert Advice

What type of traveller would like a wellness holiday?

Many think that those who travel for Wellness are simply the elite, or wealthy, as typical Wellness destinations are health spas, resorts, or yoga & meditation retreats.

But, there is no one way that a Wellness traveller ‘should’ look. A Wellness traveller can really be anyone. Stress is usually the main reason people take holidays, and in particular, embark on a Wellness holiday. And don’t we all get stressed? 

A Wellness traveller is simply an individual who is looking to improve their quality of life. 

Are there options for wellness holidays in Australia?

There are a wide variety of retreats situated around Australia, with some of the best spots for Wellness based in NSW, QLD, and Victoria.

Some of them are very popular and well known, such as the award-winning Gaia Retreat in NSW and the Gwinganna Retreat in QLD, as well as The Golden Door - Elysia Retreat situated in the stunning Hunter Valley region of NSW.

One of my personal favourites is the Peninsula Hot Springs in Victoria, only an hour's drive from Melbourne. Steaming pools are nestled in lush native greenery, allowing you to reawaken and relax with all that this beautiful stretch of the countryside has to offer. Recently, I was lucky enough to be able to spend an evening in their new Glamping facilities, and would recommend this experience to anyone looking to getaway! 

Peninsula Hot Springs Wellness Travel Agents PhotoPeninsula Hot Springs Wellness Travel Agent Lana Photo

An overnight stay includes breakfast, morning yoga, unlimited use of the Springs, as well as a Fire and Ice activity.

What would you recommend for someone wanting a wellness retreat in Bali?

Whilst there are many wonderful spots you can go to in order to rejuvenate, perhaps one of the places most synonymous with Wellness is Bali. Bagus Jati is one of the best Wellness retreats in Bali, situated just outside of Ubud offering various packages including their popular body detox retreat. 

Fivelements Retreat Bali is another, with a stunning location, offering morning Yoga, authentic Balinese Healing therapies, and plant-based cuisine. 

Another popular spot is the Zen Resort, a sanctuary that focuses on the connection between the Spiritual and the breath. Teaching individuals how to channel a healthier lifestyle through diving, swimming, and a series of breathing exercises. 

So, why use a Travel Manager for a Wellness retreat?

For some people, the idea of booking themselves a getaway is exciting and a way to really start to look forward to their trip. But, for others, it can be a nerve-wracking activity, they try to fit too many things into their itinerary because they don’t want to miss out on anything or just simply don’t know where to start!

When you use a Travel Manager for your holidays, you start the vacation at home. Already being able to relax, knowing that there is a dedicated individual who is making sure that you have a holiday which allows you to get back to yourself. To actually take that break that you need.  

If a Wellness Holiday sounds like something you need, please get in touch!

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