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Posted 09/04/2022 in Asia by Deanne Scanlan


From the moment we stepped off the plane into Luang Prabang, it was evident that this journey would be one of harmonious experiences. When you arrive in a country you have never visited before, the focus initially is on getting through customs and out into the amassing crowd. With so much to do, it is not until you are settled in the back of the transport vehicle that you can truly take in just how beautiful this city really is.

It has just turned dark when we arrived into the main street and to our accommodation, the 3 NAGAS by M Gallery. There were only four of us, so getting settled didn't take long. My room was a ground floor suite that oozed charm from the minute I unlocked the door and gave it a small shove before walking into my small piece of heaven. I don't know what I expected but it was everything one could dream of as a beginning to an adventure. 

The French influence remains evident today as we take a stroll down the main street after a wonderful dinner at the hotel restaurant. The lighting is subtle, almost to the point of being candlelit. The atmosphere that this creates is one of pure warmth and joy. Ok, a little cliche but it is the best way to describe the feeling of calm, almost equally cliche.

To keep things concise, the places that we visited included the Elephant Sanctuary, where these beautiful beings are taken when they have been rescued from logging. The chains are gone, but they are protected at all costs from harm. We rode bareback to the Mekong so that they may swim and have a go at splashing those in the rear. My girl only did a plop, I hope that wasn't how she felt about me and if so, I gave her double bananas at the end of the morning. 

Kuang Si Falls, which is usually aqua and pristine enough for a swim, was tumultuous and brown after some heavy rains. Good excuse to revisit. Also in the park is the Black Bear Sanctuary, where we were able again to view rescue bears. Bought the T-shirt !!

As one would expect, the evening markets were full of the most exquisitely crafted goods. I bought the lamp and the plates, very happy. The next day we were introduced to Francis, an expat who has documented the French architecture and is a now local resident. So suffice to say, Lao is a happy place, as seen in the presentation of the Alms ceremony each morning when the monks in their saffron robes and sandals lead a procession down the streets to collect their daily donations from the local people. Find us on Facebook Enticing LAOS Adventures, or send us a message if you're interested in visiting Laos. 

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