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Posted 12/03/2022 in Africa by Debra Andrews

Kenya Safari

Kenya is the birthplace of the African Safari. This was a whirlwind week taking in Nairobi, Amboseli National Park - with it's magnificent backdrop of Mt Kilimanjaro, the Masai Mara and beautiful Lake Nakuru.  We travelled by road in our own private safari vehicle with a driver and guide so we could see and capture the every day life of the Kenyan people as well as viewing the vast plains of wildlife and interacting with the Masai. This was a truly humbling and very special trip for my family.

Elephant Herd Amboseli
Amboseli National Park was lush and green coming out of the rainy season.  Large herds of elephants traversed the park to the foothills of Mt Kilimanjaro every day. Absolutely magnificent. My favourite animal to see in the wild.

Landcruiser comfort
Specifically adapted and designed for road trips and safaris through East Africa, these land cruisers offer fully sliding windows and a pop up roof for brilliant game viewing opportunities and photography.

Masai Village
Local Masai villagers offer an insight into their traditional way of life and how travellers to Kenya help sustain and maintain education facilities for their children. A very rewarding and humbling experience.

A lion roars in the Masai Mara
We heard this male lion from several kilometres away.  Our fabulous guide tracked him down as we followed him through the bush back to his pride, where he settled under a tree with a satisfied yawn and went to sleep.

Sunset over the African Savannah
We were journeying back to our camp in the Masai Mara after our afternoon game drive and stumbled upon this picture-perfect sunset scene as a herd of zebra wandered across a small hill. in front of us. Africa encapsulated.

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