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Posted 25/03/2022 in Europe by Deanne Scanlan


When you revisit a country time and time again there has to be something magnetic drawing you back, and that is how we feel about Prague. The first time you visit you are busy taking in the sites, the second time you visit you feel so at home. 

So why go back to one destination so many times? Firstly it is a good place to start many journeys and secondly, places are so different in changing seasons. As an example, Prague in the summertime is vastly different from being covered in snow and immersed in the Christmas winter festivities of the stunning array of market stalls in the main square. 

One always has a favourite hotel as well and for us, the PARIS HOTEL is centrally located, boutique, and abounds in Art Deco flair. You are close to the many restaurants providing you with a wide variety of fare from many different countries, to the historical places like Minute House and the Astronomical Clock. I am also a lover of marionettes and as Prague is the home of these handcrafted quizzical puppets on a string, you will be spoilt for choice if you choose to take one home as a souvenir. 

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