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About Travel Agent Finder

Travel Agent Finder - Our Why

COVID-19 changed the Travel industry forever. Uncertainty for both travellers and travel agents ran wild. Cancellations and redundancies defined the industry throughout the pandemic. 

With only 10% of Travel Agents estimated to be still operating at the time, Travel Agent Finder launched in 2021 to help travellers find an expert who was still open for business. 

We bridged the gap between seamless travel for Australians and rebuilding business for those affected in the industry. Our goal was to give people back access to the world they had missed out on for so long.

With less physical stores now available in local communities, and hundreds of highly experienced agents across Australia, there is no reason why you can't find or have access to the best travel professional for your style of trip and destination. We match you, so you get a better holiday by booking with a highly experienced Travel Advisor.

Our Mission is Two-Fold:

Navigating the new normal for Aussie Travellers and Travel Agents alike.

  • Connecting Australian Travellers with the right expert who gives you the confidence to travel again. You know wherever your journey takes you, there is constant support. 
  • Helping the Australian Travel Industry recover. We provide a platform for agents to showcase their expertise, build reviews and publish their travel tips and advice. Aussie travellers know they are getting the best care and advice from their new travel adviser.

We are a neutral platform to help you make an unbiased decision. We help find the best travel expert for you, regardless of their company network or group affiliation.

We connect you with Australia's best travel agents. They are searchable by expertise, destination knowledge, travel style, agency location, reviews, and more. Travellers can find the perfect agent for their needs. All our travel agents are personally invested in making all your travels seamless. 

Why Find A Travel Agent By Specialist Knowledge? Family Holiday to Hawaii - Search for the best travel expert for your exact needs on Travel Agent Finder

There are thousands of Travel Professionals across Australia with decades of knowledge. Travellers should be able to easily access that expertise to elevate their holiday experience.  

With Travel Agent Finder, you can search and filter by exactly what you need. This means you can now access specialists from anywhere across the country. If you're after the best Family Holiday in Hawaii, it makes sense to work with a travel agent who is an expert on Hawaii and Family Holidays. Now you can find your match in just a few clicks! 

Our Story

Travel Agent Finder is owned and operated by Anna Shannon

After an accomplished Marketing career, Anna turned to her true passion, travel. Those around her thought she was crazy. However, driven by a desire to do what she loved, Anna invested in herself and started a career as a Travel Agent.  

Anna Shannon, Travel Agent FinderAnna excelled in the travel industry and became one of the top agents in her region. With returning clients who have become friends, Anna has planned thousands of dream journeys. People have continued to entrust their travel plans to her over the last decade.

Like many Travel Agents, Anna watched her successful business disappear virtually overnight when the COVID-19 pandemic rolled in. With no jobs in the decimated industry, she went back to working in Marketing. This time with small businesses on their social media and digital marketing activities. Driven by her passion for the travel industry and a desire to help people, Anna created the Travel Agent Finder platform. Connection, support and community are always top of mind. 

The rebound of travel has well and truly returned. Anna is committed to using her travel expertise and marketing experience to ensure that travellers are connected with the best Travel Agents in Australia. Ensuring a streamlined and easy process to search, compare and connect, as well as supporting the travel and tourism industry on the road back to recovery.  

Anna Shannon, Travel Industry Mentor Experience Graduate 2022Travel Agent Finder NTIA Finalist 2022Travel Agent Finder Mumbrella Travel Marketing Awards Finalist 2022Travel Agent Finder NTIA Finalist 2023Anna Shannon, Women in Travel Finalist 2023

Anna is proud to be a graduate of the TIME - Travel Industry Mentor Experience, as well as a finalist in all major Travel Industry Awards in Australia since inception in 2021.  Including The National Travel Industry Awards for Travel Support Services by an Individual in 2022, The Mumbrella Travel Marketing Awards in 2022, Entrepreneur of the Year at the Women in Travel Awards in 2023 and the National Travel Industry Awards for Innovation in Travel Support Services for the launch of Travel Trade Connect in 2023.

How it Works

Travel Agent Finder

1. Search 

Search our network of Travel Agents Australia-wide. Filter by agent location, destination knowledge or travel type. 

2. Compare 

Compare Travel Agent profiles and expertise. See their destination experience and credentials, then compare their customer reviews to find your best match. 

3. Connect 

Contact your preferred choice of agent for more information. Our registered Travel Agents are always happy to hear from you!


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