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Explore the unexpected sides of both Nevada and yourself with the excitement of the open road.

What do you think about when you think of Nevada?

Of course, Las Vegas will always be the drawcard everyone thinks of first. The bright lights, the Strip, the celebrities and the fabulous dancing fountains. What you might not consider is that there is a rich culture and history in these desert hills and an accessible abundance of adventure.

Nevada is a place for free spirits, both ancient and modern. Boldly independent in nature and dramatically majestic, it is a place to go to find yourself. So let us help you book that ticket and that rental and come to Nevada! Don't just see it. Experience it.

See the authentic West, where you'll be exposed to uninhibited ideas, surprising self-awakenings and whispers of knowledge hidden within the winds whipping around the ancient geological monuments, moving you from new stunning vistas to expertly preserved Ghost Towns that once thrived with the bustle of cowboys, miners, merchants and free-spirits with a lust for adventure.

Petroglyphs in Gold Butte, Nevada
Petroglyphs in Gold Butte.
Exploring Gold Butte, Nevada
Exploring Gold Butte, Nevada.

Want to get lost? Here's the map! Nevada is the Road Trip Central of the United States of America.

In Nevada, you can go from one extreme to the other. From the mesmerising light shows and entertainment hub of the Las Vegas Strip, to Death Valley, the lowest part of the contiguous United States. Make sure you stand tall as you take your dryest-ever selfie at Badwater Basin salt flats that lie 86m below sea level. You can race from Las Vegas to Death Valley in around 2 hours if that takes your fancy. But why do that when you can stop off to marvel at the 5000-year-old Bristlecone Pines along the way? Somehow these ultimate survivors of nature managed to become the world's longest-lived biological specimens, despite choosing to stubbornly stay on one of the Earth's most hostile environments. That's Nevada all over: stubbornly independent, vast, authentic and refreshing. There's a different scenario around every corner with an astonishing variety of landscapes. The striated, arid deserts and Red Rock Canyon formations give way to some of the most diverse wetlands and nature watching The States has to offer. The snowcapped mountains surrounding Lake Tahoe offer some of the best skiing in the area and the vistas of the Sierra Nevada will take your breath away.

In Nevada, you can make your adventure as big or as small, as wide or as bespoke as you like.

Prepare to taste the best in the West, with plenty of barbecue options and classic cowboy fare. Star Wars fans may find familiar locations from the films in the otherworldly landscapes. You'll also find towns like the proudly alternative Reno, or Silver Boom historical locations such as Pioche and Rhyolite. All the acres of space that call out to your wandering soul will also have you wondering what really went on in those earlier days. 

So, which Nevada Road trip is perfect for you?

Let's take a look at some of the best Nevada Road Trips. They've all been curated by Nevada experts who have travelled the untamed, unbowed landscapes for many years. The overall feeling of Nevada encapsulates the pioneer spirit, and the best parks for kids are DEFINITELY those without themes or mascots!

There's plenty to get stuck into! Which one will you choose? 


BEST FOR: An introduction to the wide and wild Nevada.

Day 1: Las Vegas to Pahrump
  • Take in Spring Mountain Ranch State Park and Red Rock Canyon.
  • Visit wineries and Wild West saloons.
  • Watch a show at the historical  Amargosa Opera House.
Day 2: Pahrump to Death Valley to Beatty, Nevada
  • Experience the Artists Drive to the Artists Palette natural rock formation.
  • Feel the heat of Badwater Basin in Death Valley.
  • Enjoy the colours and formations at Zabriskie Point with vistas that will take your breath away.
  • Saddle up to the Happy Burro Chili and Beer in the heart of Beatty.
Day 3: Beatty to Las Vegas
  • Visit the Beatty Museum and Historical Society.
  • See history come to life in Rhyolite, Nevada's most photographed Gold Rush-era Ghost Town.
  • Wind your way through wildlife-laden wilderness areas and view the wide-open skies and mountains as you return to the Strip.

The Artist's Palette, Death Valley, Nevada
The Artist's Palette
Fly Geyser, close to Gerlach, Nevada
Fly Geyser


BEST FOR: Those seeking the alternative, the artistic, the mystical. The spirits of the Earth, the water and the sky. For those who enjoy camping, watch as our planet and our universe meet at their most raw and beautiful edges.

Day 1: Reno
  • See the Biggest Little City in the World. Hip, relaxed, with a 'yeah, why not' vibe.
  • Visit art museums and collectives to immerse yourself in the vibrant creativity. 
  • Stroll or pedicab through the artistic Midtown District to view hundreds of colourful murals and outdoor art pieces.
Day 2: Reno to Pyramid Lake
  • Lying on the Pyramid Lake Paiute Reservation, Pyramid Lake is home to abundant Lahontan cutthroat trout. Get a permit and camp on the sandy shore of this sapphire lake.
  • Be as alone as you like on mystical tribal land where the sand, colour and silence meet.
Day 3: Pyramid Lake to Gerlach
  • Take a tour of the Fly Geyser, a naturally occurring geyser in the middle of the desert.
  • Gerlach will be your last stop before the wilderness of the oncoming Black Rock Desert.
Day 4: The Black Rock Desert 
  • Search for Black Fire Opals and wash off in the Hot Springs. 
  • Be as still as your surroundings and watch out for Pronghorn Antelope at the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge.
  • If you're visiting in early September, stay for Burning Man and experience the true artistic madness of the inspired at this annual festival. While the area is known for this international event, you won't miss out if you visit at other times of the year; the arts and community spirit live on year-round in Gerlach.



BEST FOR:  Immersing yourself in the way of the American West. Once a historic trail, I-80 takes you through a land of cultural diversity and gastronomic integration.

Day 1: Reno To Winnemucca
  • Arrive in Reno early and pump up Johnny Cash on the radio as you drive from Reno to Winnemucca.
  • On the way, if you're on a couples' road trip, why not join the thousands that have locked their love together forever in an everlasting chain at Lovelock?
  • Visit the Buckaroo Hall of Fame and the Humboldt Museum.
Day 2: Winnemucca to Elko
  • Prepare for a day of museums and culture based on everything from cowboys, the Western Folklife Center and the Battle Mountain Cookhouse Museum.
  • Follow the Humboldt River through the heart of cowboy, Basque and American Indian cultures.
  • Wind through the Alp-like mountains of Lamoille Canyon.
Day 3: Elko to West Wendover
  • Take a stop at Angel Lake to view the teeming wildlife and take an opportunity to do a bit of bird watching.
  • From the wildlife-abundant Angel Lake, take off on the famous Bonneville Salt Flats, home of the land-speed record.
  • Finally, if you're obsessed with 'Big Things' like most of us Aussies, get a selfie with 20m tall Wendover Will the cowboy!

Angel Lake, Cowboy Corridor Road Trip, Nevada
Angel Lake, Nevada
The International Car Forest, Roadtripping Nevada.
The International Car Forest


BEST FOR: Artistic travellers who want to discover off-beat communities. The ultimate in the obscure. Imagine Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and you'll have an idea of the mesmerising road-side kaleidoscopes this art-bound route offers.

Day 1: Vegas to Beatty
  • Before you leave the Vegas City limits, be sure to stop off in Fremont East to take a few shots of the amazingly restored vintage neon signs that used to line The Strip in years gone by. You'll be seeing plenty more along the road along the way, so have the camera at the ready.
  • Take the obligatory selfie at Seven Magic Mountains.
Day 2: Beatty to Tonopah
  • Just off the US-95, you'll find any number of eccentric townships full of creative residents.
  • Special mentions to the International Car Forest, which uses derelict cars as canvas for awe-inspiring sculptural art, and to Rocket Bob's Automotive Mosaics.
  • If you don't fancy The World Famous Clown Motel at the end of the day, take a step or two outside and admire the natural night canvas instead.
Day 3: Tonopah to Reno
  • Spot bighorn sheep and more vintage neon as you navigate the road to Walker Lake.
  • Enjoy performance art and exhibitions along the way, from the psychedelic to the spiritual, at Oats Park Art Centre. 
  • Finish off in Reno on the hunt for the fantastic Boho-town mural trail.

Still not convinced? Wow. You're a hard nut to crack!

Luckily, there are plenty more road trip adventures through Nevada, these are just the tip of the iceberg! 
We do have a few more tricks up our sleeve. See more Nevada road trip ideas from our travel experts.

Road tripping the Loneliest Road in America, Nevada

The Loneliest Road in America

Best for those who love adventure and Old West history.

Steph's Highway 50 Road Trip

Road trip on the Extraterrestrial Highway and Area 51

The Extraterrestrial Highway

Best for Sci-Fi enthusiasts and conspiracy-lovers.

Travel Agent Finder's Highlights

Hoover Dam, Road trips from Las Vegas

Day Trip to Hoover Dam

Best for impressive architecture and easy day trips from Vegas. 

Dani's Hoover Dam Visit

Lake Tahoe, Nevada National & State Park Road Trips

Choose Your Adventure

Best for nature lovers. Nevada is 80% wilderness - explore it!

Nevada's National & State Parks

A Parting Word: Travel Responsibly and Respectfully

By now you should have worked out that we love the weird and wonderful State of Nevada just the way it is! 80% of it is still wilderness, just as nature always intended. Just like whenever you're in someone's backyard, there are some rules you need to follow as a valued guest. 
  • Take nothing but photos.
  • Move nothing but your body.
  • Stay on the tracks. Don't be tempted to create your own. 
  • Respect all 'No Trespassing' signs.
  • Leave no trace - bring garbage bags and take your rubbish with you to the nearest town. 
  • Watch out for wildlife. Wide open roads doesn't mean there is no speed limit. 
  • Don't feed the animals. It is illegal. 
  • Check fire restrictions. Nevada is an arid state, so fire is a tool to be used extremely responsibly.
  • Make sure you take MORE food and water than you would need. Include food that can be eaten without needing fire to cook.
  • Carry a full-size spare tyre and a puncture repair kit and make sure you know how to use it. 
Most of all, remember, if you feel as if you're doing something wrong, you probably are! Stop until you can find advice. Our suggestion is to go to the nearest town to ask. 

Ready to explore Nevada? We've got you covered.

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