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Why Use A Travel Agent?

The benefits of using a travel agent's expertise to navigate the changing rules and restrictions

According to The Australian Federation of Travel Agents over 70% of Australian Travellers used a Travel Agent before the pandemic.

And that was before everything changed! There's a lot more to consider when planning your travels these days and navigating the ever-changing policies can be difficult. Having an expert on your side is more important than ever.

Why should I use a Travel Agent?

✔ We know because we go

  • Travel Agents are travel addicts! Our vast wealth of experience and knowledge takes your holiday plans to another level. Our passion for travelling and our desire to share this with you means you’ll discover the world in a unique way, benefitting from the additional tips, advice and unbiased recommendations we offer.
  • In addition to our own experiences, we also draw from the feedback and stories of all our customers we’ve booked holidays for over the years.  

We are trained experts when it comes to travel emergencies

  • Things are always changing in the world of travel. While many travellers have had to deal with a common flight change or cancellation, most haven’t had to deal with natural disasters, urgent family or medical issues, and pandemics. We have. And we know what to do
  • If something changes before or during your trip, we will help you rearrange your plans to suit. We are up to date with the latest restrictions and policies. If your internet search has told you that you need a certain test to travel on a particular airline, through a transit point or to a destination, Google won’t call you to update you if the policy changes. We will!

We know what to look for 

  • We can tell you what is (and what isn’t) included in your price so there are no surprises later on. Resort fees, check-in charges for budget carriers, baggage inclusions, entry fees, we’ll explain them all and help you budget. 
  • Hire cars are a great example. If you mention a car rental price you saw, we can explain why it looks cheaper. It is often because the inclusions are bare-minimum and you’ll be hit up with extra charges on arrival in confusing local currencies and taxes. We’ll discuss the options with you first and recommend whether you go for the inclusive rate upfront in AUD, rather than worrying about being caught out later.

 Travel Agents save you time and money

  • Most travellers spend hours, weeks and even months researching online before booking a holiday. We understand why. It’s a big investment and there is a lot to consider. The problem is, there is too much information available online and it’s hard to know who to trust and what to choose. That’s where we come in. 
  • We’ve spent years researching, learning about and visiting the world. What may take you months to plan, is something we can do in much less time, thanks to our bank of knowledge and experience. Your time is valuable and you’ve got enough on your plate. Let us do all the work for you, we love it! 
  • When a flight gets changed or cancelled, what can take you hours on hold to an airline to fix, can often be just a few clicks away for us. With our access to the central flight reservation system and knowledge of different fare conditions we can make changes quickly and easily.
  • Online booking engines are programmed to offer you the cheapest price option. This might be an inconvenient flight time (that no one else wants), or might include a long transit time or overnight stay. The computer system doesn't know you have 3 kids under 10 and don't want to overnight with a 17-hour layover! But we do. We are real people who work with these details every day, so we can identify things that would be important to you and offer options to suit you. In many cases, a 3-4 hour layover is only a small price difference and often costs less than airport accommodation you end up booking for your 'cheaper' overnight stay. 
  • A common example is, if you’re travelling out to the islands in Fiji. If you book one of the flights arriving after the ferries have finished for the day, you have the hassle of overnighting at a mainland hotel. Then you have to pack up again and continue your journey the next morning, (just because the flight website gave you the cheapest option). A travel agent would have let you know that while the flight to get you there earlier was $17 per person more, you would end up saving money in the long run. Getting there earlier means you no longer need the extra transport to your overnight hotel and onto the ferry the next day. You could arrive at your final destination on the same day without having to check into another hotel, losing a night on the island. We look at the big picture and take everything into account from the beginning, not just lump you with the cheaper airfare and problems to solve later. 
  • Our exceptional travel experts will save you time and money.

We want your travel experience to be stress-free

  • Without a travel agent, you're on your own. It’s not a nice feeling if something goes wrong. 
  • When you’ve booked with an expert, we are there with you and offer you security and peace of mind. There is no need to Google all your questions and get confusing differing opinions, just ask us! If we don't know the answer, we have a reliable source to ask. We’ll be able to answer your pre-trip questions so you know what you'll be doing. We’ll be available while you’re on your trip in case you need assistance or advice, and we’ll be in contact if something important changes while you’re away.  There is a lot to think about, so don’t spend your holiday worrying about things outside of your control. Relax and enjoy your trip knowing we are just an email or phone call away if you need us.

We genuinely care 

  • You aren’t just a number or the next caller in the queue. When you find the right travel agent who is passionate about helping you see the world and designs incredible journeys for you, you'll often come back a friend
  • As we get to know each other, we learn your preferences and can get in touch when we discover something we know you will enjoy. We'll offer advice and recommendations beyond the current trip experience. For our customers who travel often, this relationship is invaluable. You don’t need to keep on top of new itineraries, up and coming destinations or new cruise ships. We know what you like and we’ll be in touch.

We offer a personalised approach

  • An online holiday package that is the same as everyone’s else’s holiday might suit some. These days though, we are seeing a trend towards longer, more bespoke and authentic experiences, especially after all the holidays we missed throughout the pandemic.
  • We ask our customers what type of holiday they are after and we listen to their ideas and requests. Sifting through our years of expertise and knowledge to put together a custom-designed holiday with tips, advice and recommendations help us create your unique and special journey.

We manage your entire trip 

  • We look after flights, hotels, accommodation, sightseeing activities, cruises, tours, dining recommendations, transport options for how you get between destinations and more.
  • If a flight schedule changes, we coordinate everything around that which also needs to be adjusted. Instead of you calling different companies for each element of your trip affected and being on hold for hours at a time, we manage that for you. We efficiently use our internal contacts, saving you time and stress.
  • Instead of searching various websites for information, we are your one-stop shop. We can offer insights and recommendations for which travel insurance is the best cover for your trip. Travel agents make sure you are covered for any pre-existing medical conditions or COVID-19 cover and changes. They ensure you understand the limitations of some free credit card policies, as well as offer resources and advice for other things you may not have considered. That can include currency cards, visas, vaccinations, quarantine requirements or entry & re-entry restrictions.  See our blog for more information on why to use a Travel Agent for post-pandemic travel.

We advocate for you

  • Want good old-fashioned customer service? Book with a travel agent. If any issues arise with your travel suppliers, or you need any special requests accommodated, we often have our own contacts who we can call on for favours or special consideration. 
  • We have spent years getting to know our suppliers and forming valuable relationships. Hotels, airlines, cruise and tour companies know how important travel agents are to their business and we understand the value of being able to call on trusted partners in time of need. 

Find the right expert for you using our Travel Agent Search

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Why Use A Travel Agent For Post Covid Travel?