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What is the ATAS Accreditation scheme?

And what does 'ATAS Accredited' mean?

According to the Australian Federation of Travel Agents website, the AFTA Travel Accreditation Scheme, or ATAS, sets the benchmark for quality Travel Agents in Australia. 

ATAS Accredited Travel Agents must comply with the ATAS Code of Conduct which includes:

☑ A service quality promise

☑ Appropriately trained staff members

☑ Providing full transparency of Terms & Conditions before booking

☑ Complying with the ATAS Complaint Escalation process

For an Australian Travel Agent to become ATAS Accredited, their business must have met extensive criteria and standards, so you can rest assured your travel bookings are being managed by industry professionals, 

Visit their website for more information about The Australian Federation of Travel Agents, or their Travel Accreditation Scheme, ATAS

We fully support AFTA as the industry body for Australian Travel Agents, however, we are not affiliated with them and we provide this information to help you understand what 'ATAS Accredited' means when you see this term on an Agent's profile page.